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I’ve always been aware that teachers used my site as well as students. Some have contacted me and it’s been great to make those contacts over the years. I thought it would be good in this x.x version of the site to add in a bit more for teachers, so I’ve tried to cluster together some of the stuff that you might not have seen from elsewhere that I hope is helpful. My Reading page will be forever updating, as it draws from my blog and twitter to pull reading recommendations and the posts relevant to teachers, as well as featuring my 2016 summer reading list that tries to match tastes to TV/film and hobbies/interests etc.

You may wish to follow my Facebook page, as that is where I share updates, and also links to useful stuff online for Language. I also do this on Twitter, but then I do everything on Twitter, so you also get a lot of book chat, some dog pictures and writing stuff too, as well as personal/political comments from time to time (see left for latest).

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